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We develop and implement with your management team the changes and solutions required in your company.

Whether it’s expanding an existing enterprise or setting up a new one, not everyone has the resources required to fully finance their business needs. To ensure that their growth is never hindered by financial restrictions, companies go for loans. However, there’s one major obstacle that stands between companies and loan procurement—and that’s their business credit score.

Some Reasons To Work Together

Here at FIAO Consulting, we’re aware of the negative impact that delayed or insufficient funding can have on a business, and we’re always willing and available to help you prevent this crisis. We provide premium business credit repair consultancy services to enterprises in Fullerton to ensure they have a healthy credit score that makes it easier for them to obtain better loan terms, favorable payment periods, negotiation leverage, and better interest rates.

Company Accounting

We provide clear and useful financial information on the basis of which you can make the right decisions.

Institutions & Consultants

We specialize in accounting, tax and legal advice as well as corporate finance.

Tax and Legal Solutions

The focus of the Tax & Legal Department is on advisory services in the tax, company, civil and commercial law.